Motion / Design / VFX / Video Production & Post

Creative. Production. Post.

Format is a collective of creative individuals who have a passion for making captivating visual content that expresses our clients’ brands. We have uniquely positioned ourselves for scalability so that we can comfortably approach any project while staying competitive in budget but unprecedented in value.

We aren’t looking for a one night stand, we are in it for the long haul because relationships are important to us. We want our clients to have a great experience from creative development through post. 


Creative Development - You + Me = Us

Fresh ingenuity and unique flavor to your brand's creative content, that's what Format brings to the table. As artists, we want to understand your entire brand - the look, the feel, and the sounds of it. We want to collaborate. Working closely and building relationships help us a) meet awesome folks and b) create authentic story-driven content that bolsters their brand. We're talkin' entertaining and successful content campaigns adaptable across all platforms, focused on cultivating and engaging your audience. And we're the ones that make it dope.


Production - Let's Shoot.

Now it's time to produce that creative. Get excited. And stay that way. We ramp things up in production but rest assured, we will keep you in the moment as we prep, produce and shoot. We have serious OCD when it comes to attention to detail and execution so once you sign off on the creative - get ready - now, it's going to come alive. Let's just say, we ain't your sister's wedding videographer.


Post-Production - Edit. Mix. Color.

Exhale. Now the fun begins. Time to put the puzzle together - the last step between you and your audience. Our Editors and Animators are more than just button pushers - they are storytellers. They create, mold, and build the final pieces of the project. We aren’t just cutting random shots to a corporate music track - we're making branded creative content with a story and with a purpose.

Everything is by design and we think you'll be pretty fucking jazzed by the end of it.


We do it all.

Creative Development


Pre-Production Coordination

Location Scouting & Sourcing


Production Budgeting

Technical Research & Development

Art Direction

Talent Casting

Costume Design

Production & Set Design

Set Construction

Graphic Design

Full Service Video Production

Video/Photo Studio Rental

Product Styling

Product Photography & Cinematography

On-Set Editorial & Post-Production

Post-Production File Management

NLE Editorial (Adobe, FCPX, Avid)

Visual Effects & Animation

Sound Design

Music Design


Graphics & Titling

Video Hosting

Video Encoding

Blu-Ray & DVD Creation